INSERMA ANOIA S.L. is a services company, specialized in different sections from the industrial sector. With a trajectory of 22 years of experience, innovation and formation, this being able to locate itself between the sharp shooting companies of the sector.

Inserma building located in the Poligono Industrial Els Plans d

The confidence demonstrated by our clients, and the positive evolution of the company, it is not but that the fruit of a continuous effort to improve the quality, finished and to functionality of our projects and facilities, as well as the technical formation as much human of our technicians and workers. By all means we are working following so much the European directives and norms like in the implantation of ISO 9000 obtaining the recognition of the same one.

INSERMA ANOIA S.L. it has the protocol of work in electrical systems in the scope of security against electrical risks. One equips the workers with the necessary material, in order to avoid labor risks, being its use of forced fulfillment.

Our facilities of but of 950mts2, they destine about 500 for the assembly of pictures and prewiring of machinery, and the rest is distributed between the following departments: Warehouse, administration, Technical office, laboratory of Electronics and services several.

Next, we detailed to them to the services that we can offer to them, many of which surely they will be of its interest.

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