Spanish Parliament gives the green light to the draft Law on Waste

Spanish Parliament gives the green light to the draft Waste Act that prohibit the use of plastic bags in 2018

The Environment Committee of the Spanish Parliament  of Deputies with legislative authority has approved the draft Law on Waste and Contaminated Land, after adding some 70 amendments agreed by the PSOE in the other groups, which, however, no modifies the process provided to suppress the use of plastic bags in 2018.

The standard, which from now will be processed in the Senate, said that 60 percent of biodegradable bags will be replaced by 2013; 70 percent in 2015 and 80 percent by 2016.
Finally, in 2018 must be obtained for replacement of all except those designed to contain fish, meat or other perishable foods, for establishing a moratorium will were viewed in the light of possible alternatives.

On this question, the PP modification introduced an amendment to “increase the current recycling levels” and that the government establish “awareness campaigns” and that they could propose “recycling targets.”

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