• Regulation and control (Synchronism Drives, Control of Axes, Positioned …).
  • Application of the operation directives and security for noticeable EC.
  • Design of electronic prototypes (Programming of micro controller).
  • Design and application of domotics facilities and intelligent buildings.
  • Courses of formation for automatic and programmable systems.
  • Installation legalization
  • Transaction of Newsletters and Certificates of installation.

We have workstation CAD, IT FALLS with license. Reason why the client will be able to present/display his schemes and documentation in any place or official organism, without no kind of problem.

  • Predictive maintenance by means of Termografías, it is without a doubt the best system of preventive maintenance for many types of installation, with him we can detect among other things:
  • Bearings in badly been.
  • Defects in the electrical connections.
  • electrical Lines badly determine the proportions.
  • Terminal badly pressed
  • heat Flights in steam systems, heating, boilers etc.
  • and a long etc. That it will save many failures to us, shutdowns of plant and energy.
Example of a terminal in thermography
Example of a circuit breaker thermal imaging with a high enough temperature.

Then stop a report detailing a typical thermal imaging, which shows a part of the thermal image, a photograph of the area thermography and a graph of temperatures over which to undertake a study to evaluate the hot spots

Analysis and measurement of consumption and supply electrical parameters for the detection of problems and defects in the network, disturbances, reactive power compensation … AR5 by CIRCUTOR meter with a record of measured data.

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