• Custom Software Development with known standards (Delphi, Visual Basic, C Sharp,. NET platform) from a large library of fully debugged and tested code that we have been standardized over the years.
  • Development of communication drivers for non-commercial and complex equipment.
  • Automatic programming (PLC’s, Drives, Instrumentation etc.)..
  • Application programming industrial robots.
  • Process Automation PLC’s (Siemens, Modicon, Telemecanique, Omron, etc.). And interactivity with the operator through all kinds of giant screens and displays, as well as implementation of SCADA control systems. Note that we are pioneers in this field in control and data acquisition through Ethernet TCP / IP.

Standard acquisition and use of data with Ethernet TCP / IP

Scada control for manufacturing plants


  • Mass Data Storage.
  • Exploitation and analysis of information and processes to optimize yields.

Example Data Collection of production, manufacturing orders sent, cost control, optimization and monitoring of traceability.

Real Example of one of our projects in production control.

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