Proficy Real-Time Information Portal

Proficy Real-Time Information Portal is a web application analysis that provides an overview of the entire production process in real time. Provides access to databases, historical plant data in real time and other sources. Provides a platform for process analysis and collaboration between different departments or individuals in a company, in an agile and simple.

Features and Benefits

Application environment and pure web application

Proficy Real-Time Information Portal allows the end user unprecedented access to data and control how to display and analysis. The entire process takes place in a simple, easy to use and virtually maintenance free. Navigation customized to provide security roles and user’s personal experience, provides data security and simplify compliance with FDA-CFRPart11.

Analysis of time-based data

provides the ability to perform interactive analysis of historical data sources and real-time throughout the plant using graphs, tables and data connection. Analyzes data using intelligent components in detail tables, which allow you to sort, print and export data with ease.

Universal Web Client

A single web client combines content from other GE Fanuc applications such as HMI / SCADA – Proficy iFIX and data from other online information sources exist in the plant and the organization makes decisions in real time to all levels.

The graphical

Graphical presentation rapidly communicates essential information from complex data sets for notification of alerts, status changes and data summaries. Easily convert interactive displays into reports to print or save in pdf format.

Enterprise-wide Quality

Proficy Real-Time Information Portal provides a consistent set of tools for producing analysis and reports of disparate processes, systems, statistical process control (SPC) lab and floor, along with interfaces to Six Sigma tools were line as Minitab.

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