NIR sorter

Through the spectral analysis NIR sorter accurately recognizes the different types of material. PET detects perfectly, wood and other debris.

The NIR sensor technology is developed based on highly sensitive mass spectrometry to obtain the best recovery with the best possible purity values​​.

The resolution of the sensors can be adapted to the requirements of classification.

  • Sort waste streams: only current packaging or household waste and industrial waste, paper and cardboard.
  • Infrared proximity sensors.
  • Flexible: Can be combined with other sensor technologies.
  • Accurate detection: the resolution can be adapted according to the classification requirements.
  • Ejection system adapted: by air or shovels.
  • Optimum inspection: the sensitivity can be easily adjusted to the needs of its defiance of classification.
  • Stackable: you can create your own tower classification if classification requires several steps in one process the material.

Working principle

The system is fed through a vibrating material. NIR sensors detect parts and materials to be scanned by the multiplexer spectrometry. Particles that are removed are propelled by air or shovels. The NIR by infrared proximity sensors, sort and retrieve even the smallest particles of plastic from 2, 5 mm in size.

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